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Why Hiring a Trekking Guide in Nepal is Necessary?

Planning a trek in Nepal? Then you are bound to wonder if hiring a local trekking guide is necessary for you or not. To answer that pondering question, I firmly can tell you that it is very important to hire an expert trekking guide who knows all the ins and outs of the trek routes in which you’re planning to go for trekking in Nepal. If you think you are better without having a guide accompanying you during your trek in Nepal then you must reconsider your plans as it can be very tough for you to complete your trek. A guide is a valuable resource for foreign trekkers so either experienced or not, they all should indefinitely hire a trekking and the reasons for me saying that are listed down below.

For a Stress Free Vacation.

Anyone who wants to experience a stress-free vacation in Nepal with very less interruptions and complications coming in their way. Remember even the best laid plans can go south at any moment so you must be prepared for the upcoming consequences which can hurt your trip schedules. Also, when you’re traveling to a foreign nation, you may not know all the necessary rules and regulations due to which you can unwillingly get into some troubling situations. A guide will be handling all the complications which occur during your trip and provide you a convenient trekking experience. Hence, to get a stress-free vacation you should always consider hiring a trekking guide in Nepal.

To avoid Dangers and Minimize Risks.

This is one of the most vital reasons to hire a trekking guide as just like any other outdoor adventure activities, trekking also has its own risks and hazards which can cause severe injuries. So, one should always keep their safety at high priority before making any attempt to head for their trekking destination. The ever-changing terrains of the Himalayas can confuse trekkers in taking wrong turns which can be unsafe for them. Going solo can increase the chances of risking your life by injuring yourself or by walking in dangerous areas. Hence, a guide plays a vital role in helping you avoid these particular situations and make sure that you don’t lose your life.

To Navigate Your Way.

Yes! Using a GPS and finding trek routes on a map can be a joyous thing for you. But are you sure you can find all the necessary trails without getting lost. As there are no huge streets banners to tell which place you’re in, so it can be a very troublesome experience for you when you walk through some of the most isolated trekking destinations of Nepal. There can be junctions where you can get confused and may even need to ask the locals for directions which can be very hard if you don’t speak the native language of that place. However, if you have a guide then they can show you places which can be overlooked by you if you had gone solo and also, they can help you prepare trek itineraries which can be more comfortable for you to follow.

To Help the Local Economy.

Hiring a guide can be beneficial for you but additionally it also helps support the local economy in order to grow and develop by providing employment opportunities for the local people. When you hire someone as your guide, you are in some way giving your money to help the economy and employment services to the local individuals. Nepal is a developing country whose economy largely depends upon Tourism so without foreigners Nepal is a doomed nation for sure. In short, if you employ yourself a local trekking guide, you can help them earn few bucks and support their families.

To Gain In Depth Cultural Experience.

During your exhausting trekking period, you may miss the chance of learning about the local cultures, history and ethnicity if you had gone solo. But when you’re with an expert individual like a guide, you can find that you can experience a lot more as they tell you about the local norms and values, interesting facts about the villages en-route and even teach you some native words to speak to the locals while you trek towards your desired goal. This shows that having a guide can significantly boost your self-knowledge and keep you intrigued throughout your trek.

My advice for trekkers would be that you should always consider every option before coming to Nepal for trekking. And, in that sense hiring a trekking guide can be one of the important part of your entire trek in Nepal.

Nepal Trekking Planner

Nepal Trekking Planner