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Best Trekking Trails that leads to the Base Camp of Mount Everest.

Do you love adventure and the mountains? Is trekking in Nepal your long-term dream and desire? If yes then discover both the majesty of the mountains and your own potential. Walk among giants of nature and get a sense of freedom. Be in a tiny teahouse, learn about Sherpa life, and watch the sunrise over Everest. With the commitment to the rights and fair treatment of porters and trekking guides. It means you can be rest assured knowing that you’re doing the trek of a lifetime the ethical way.

The popularity of Mount Everest Base Camp Trekking has been on a rapid rise. Ever since it was first summited by Tenzing Norgay Sherpa and Sir Edmund Hillary in 1953. Since then, travelers from all over the world have visited Nepal to get the same taste of adventure. It lies in the mountainous landscape. The Khumbu Region is a beautiful destination. The glacial rivers, ethnic village settlements, low-lying alpine woods, and forests, are breathtaking. The forests here are home to many endangered species of plants and animals.

The wide-open pasturelands, terrace farms, and mountain glaciers add to its beauty. The refreshing mountain atmosphere and presence of small chortens and gumbas are fascinating.   Several trekking trails lead to the base camp of Mount Everest. Each of them varies in duration and difficulty. Here we have compiled some of the most popular trekking routes to the Mount Everest Base Camp.

The Everest Base Camp Trek.

The Everest Base Camp Trek is one of the most popular and the best trekking journeys in the Khumbu Region. The Everest Base Camp Trek is the first choice of many trekkers of this destination. It is a moderate trekking trip. The Everest Base Camp Trekking journey starts with a flight to Lukla from the capital city Kathmandu. It is the most convenient way of trekking in the Khumbu and the fastest as well.

It is a short 35 to 40  Minute flight and is one of the most scenic flights in the world. It flies around amazing tall green hills and mountains to land at the airstrip at Lukla. The Lukla airport is often dubbed as one of the most extreme airports in the world. This is because it lies on top of a cliff. Having only one runway that drops off to the gaping valley below towards one end. Besides this is the only functioning commercial airstrip in the region.

From Lukla, the trekking trail follows a steady elevation rises and falls. As it passes through many famous ethnic villages on the way. It goes past Phakding, followed by Namche Bazaar, Tengboche, Dingboche, Lobuche, and Gorakshep. And finally, reach the base camp of Mount Everest. The vantage point of Kalapatthar is also included along the journey.

It is not a challenging trekking journey but a moderate trek. People of all age groups can do it at all times of the year. The Everest Base Camp Trek is available throughout the year. The best months for doing the Everest Base Camp Trek are in the seasons of spring which lasts from March to May. Besides that autumn, months ranging from September to December are good as well.

Trekking in the winter and the summer seasons is quite possible. But it is not recommended because of the unfavorable weather conditions. This particular journey is the most standard trekking journey in the Khumbu region. It is one of the best ways that lead you to the Mount Everest base camp. It is one of the most beautiful journeys ever. All this makes the Everest Base Camp Trekking the most preferred trekking trail in the region of Everest.

Everest High Passes Trek.

The Khumbu region is home to many high and low mountain passes. It is prevalent throughout the region. The Everest High Mountain Passes Trek takes you to the three major high mountain passes. They are the Kongma La, the Cho La, and the Renjo La of the Khumbu. It is a moderate trekking journey but requires good physical endurance.

The trekking trail to the Everest High Passes Trek is a fabulous experience. It gives you an opportunity to meet the ethnic Sherpa villages. Along with Chhukung, Lobuche, Namche Bazaar, Tengboche, Gorakshep, Dragnak/Thangna, Lunden, and Thame, and others. Besides the high mountain passes, the highlights include the Gokyo Lakes and the Gokyo RI.

The trek starts from Lukla. The trekking trail follows the path to the initial villages of the region. You will go past the Namche Bazaar, Tengboche, and Dingboche. It then deviates off to the high mountain that passes through Chhukung. A hike to the Chhukung RI is also included in the journey. The Kongma La Mountain Pass is the first mountain pass that you will meet on this trip.

Next, you will be visiting the mountain passes of Cho La and Renjo La. Along the path, the sights and views of Himalayan peaks are admirable. The sight of Ama Dablam, Nuptse, Lhotse, 4 Best Trekking Trails to the Base Camp of Mount Everest, Thamserku, the Kongdi RI, are awesome. The duration of the Everest High Passes Trek usually lasts about three weeks. And it requires good physical endurance.

The best time for making this trekking journey is in the months of April to May in the springtime. Whereas the autumn months of September to November are good too. This hike is not advised during the winter months. It is because of its extreme weather conditions and heavy snowfall. It sometimes blocks the mountain passes. Though a bit tiring, it is one of the most beautiful and extensive trekking journeys in Khumbu.

Mount Everest Base Camp Heli Trek.

The major part of your Everest Base Camp Heli Trek follows the same Everest Base Camp Trek. The added highlight of this journey is a fantastic helicopter ride back to the capital city. It starts from the flight to Lukla. The trekking trail of the Heli Trek follows a similar route to reach the Everest Base Camp. It goes through the famous village of Phakding.  And also the mountain towns of Namche Bazaar Tengboche, Dingboche, Lobuche, and Gorakshep.

After the visit to the base camp, a hike to Kalapatthar is also done. Soon later a fantastic helicopter ride takes you back to Kathmandu.  The Namche Bazaar, Tengboche Monastery, and the rhododendron forests are amazing.  The alpine woodlands of the Sagarmatha National Park form the major highlights. Not to miss out on the Khumbu Glacier and Icefall, of the Khumbu which is mesmerizing.

While trekking you get to enjoy the panoramic views of the entire Mount Everest Massif. You get these views from Kalapatthar. More often than not the trekkers visit the vantage point early in the morning. This gives them an opportunity to witness the sunrise appearing from the Himalayas. For the final part of the journey, a mesmerizing helicopter ride takes you high up. The views and sights of the landscape being airborne is mind-blowing. The presence of the snowy mountain peaks is the perfect icing on the cake. The changing landscape is visible from a bird’s-eye view.  and nothing beats the thrill of this kind. It is an easy trekking journey for everyone to attempt.

The best months for doing the Everest Heli Trek are March to May in the spring and September to December in the autumn. Summer and winters are not recommended for the Heli Trek. As the weather can cause a problem for the helicopter flight. Spring and autumn are the other best seasons too.  It is one of the most favorable weather conditions for helicopter flights. If interested, it is advisable for you to do this during the peak trekking seasons.

Everest Panorama Trek.

The Everest Panorama Trek is a short trekking journey. It is best suited for people who are short on time. The Everest Panorama Treks are best suited to explore the Khumbu Region’s beauty in a short time frame. It is a good 12 days of trekking.  The trekking trail circumnavigates the town of Namche, Phakding, Monjo, and Tengboche.

The short Everest Panorama Trekking trail does not go to the base camp itself.  Instead, it stays to the lower altitude destinations. Thus, it is suitable for people who do not want an extensive trek in the Khumbu Region. It is for those who look out for a relaxing hike enjoying the  Himalayan views and alpine woodlands. The trek goes through the national park and crosses the river valleys. Finally, it returns to Lukla and then to Kathmandu.

The Panorama Everest Treks are at their best in the early months of January and February. As the winters do not affect the trekking trail. Autumn trekking at the Everest Panorama is also quite suitable. The views and sights of Mount Everest and several other peaks are spectacular.

There are many more trekking trips in the Khumbu Region. The trails take different routes to reach the base camp of Mount Everest. Short Trekking trips in the Khumbu region can also be attempted. The Everest View Trek or the Short Everest Base Camp Trek is suitable for people h to spend in the country.

The Everest Base Camp Trekking is an impressive journey giving countless beautiful experiences. The natural beauty of the landscapes is dramatic. The unique cultural and traditional aspects are unique and one of the best in the country.

Nepal Trekking Planner

Nepal Trekking Planner