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Well, the iconic rock is not getting replaced, but on the occasion of the 70th anniversary of Sir Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay Sherpa's climb, a banner has been set up there. The banner was placed by Pasang Lhamu Gaupalika (a rural municipality) in the Everest region.

So, the iconic rock has been behind the banner at the base camp, which is currently creating and circulating various issues. But there are fans of the iconic rock that has been up there since the moment I have been trekking, and looking way back, I have seen more than maybe thousands of people who have been up there, and they aren't going to like it.

The iconic rock

The iconic rock of Everest has been there for a long time. It holds a significant memory in everyone who has been to Everest base camp. The iconic rock is the symbol in which trekkers have cried after achievement. The iconic rock cannot be removed as it carries the emotional weight of the past trekkers and is attached to feelings.

Everest base camp iconic stone

Can people throw out the rock?

Don't joke around, mate. The rock is impossible to throw out. They will need a dozer and at least 23-25 people to take it out. At an elevation of 5300 meters above the glacier, and you are telling me about throwing a rock up there, people cannot lift and throw a ten-kilo weight in that elevation. Either you will require a dozer or a helicopter is required, and still, if they are planning, it's more than problematic.

The new banner

The new banner has been set up by Pasang Lhamu village municipality. It's made from wood. The picture is ok till now, but the question is when the weather up there is snowy, windy, cold, and it gets sunny. So, if we look at the weather pattern, how much will the board stand? The other thing is how many days or months it will fade as the colors fade soon.

New banner in everest

Was it worth it to put a banner up there?

I won't say it was worth it, and I won't say it's not worth it, but a community decided to keep a banner up there, and it must be respected. At least the local communities are trying to do something. The government, well, we are still determining what they are up to and their plans for the future. At the least the Pasang Lhamu Gau Palika tried something. It might have its pros and cons, but you know something is at least done, and people will know about Tenzing Norgay and Sir Edmund Hilary and the contributions made by the locals for Everest.

What do people say about it?

Everyone has their own thought. Well, when we were there, the banner sign was not there. As I came down, I saw that in a picture, and I was like, you guys did something good, but the iconic rock was a masterpiece at the base camp. When nature has given something up there, why do we need to create something that will make the beauty of nature fade away? It might be informative, but it's not worth it in a long-term pattern. Still, it won't be there till years when compared to the iconic rock. So if they are going to keep the banner up there, they might have to repair it on a span of every season, which means it must be maintained every 3-6 months.

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