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Trekking in Nepal: Expectation Vs Reality.

Some facts about Nepal people don’t talk about.

Sometimes expectations and reality clash. This quote is true in the context of trekking in Nepal. Trekking in Nepal can be a lot different from the ads you might see in the "Visit Nepal" campaigns. Some experiences can be jolly good, while others might leave you dissatisfied. So, let's shed some light on what you should expect and what sort of experience you will get while trekking in Nepal.

Lodging and food in the mountains.

Trekking in the mountains frequently embeds in our minds the lack of proper accommodation and food, which is usually true. It is a no-brainer to expect something like this during trekking; it is different. The idea of having to camp and spend nights in a tent is not the case while trekking in Nepal (at least on most trails). Your trail during the trek will pass through quality lodges, where you will find quality hotels to stay in and restaurants to eat at. Hotels below 5000 meters will also have Wi-Fi and 5G mobile services. Also, you don’t get to choose the lodges while trekking with the guides.

Weather forecasting and issues.

The weather in the mountains is unpredictable and can change in less than two hours. Thus, always carrying some windproof layers would be beneficial and make you more prepared before doing any trek in Nepal.

According to many travel agencies, the best months for trekking are from September to December. They predict these months to be favorable enough to trek on most trails, but expect unexpected weather in the high altitudes. Your expectation of the clearest weather can go haywire with the unpredictable conditions in the mountains. Thus, you need to get proper 4-season gear for your daypack while trekking in the Himalayas.

You are not alone.

While trekking in Nepal, remember that you are never alone. First of all, the company you are trekking with will provide you with a guide and porter. Second, just remember that you just need to keep a smile on your face and get along with the culture and traditions. When you get along with the locals, they get along with you.

The first thing that comes to mind when someone mentions trekking is serenity and the feeling of being alone. However, your expectations won’t match the reality if you are eyeing popular treks such as the Everest Base Camp Trek. Go for less favorable trekking routes where it is less crowded, and you will get what you expect from your trek. Treks such as Kanchenjunga and Dhaulagiri are examples of less-traveled trekking trails. However, we don't mean that once you hit the trail, you'll get off track. Always listen to your guides when you are on the road.

Earthquake from 2015.

You might have heard of the havoc left by the 2015 earthquake in Nepal. Yes, the trails were obstructed and in no condition to trek, but now that the reprimands have been met, most of the trails have reopened with even better ease for the trekkers. So, you don’t need to be disheartened by the post-traumatic experience from the 2015 earthquake, as the Nepalese are tough people and have already bounced back.

All the trails and accommodation facilities have already been restored and are ready to be visited. They are waiting for the travelers to show their hospitality and provide the age-old services that have been in place.

Trekking and travel agencies.

When selecting a travel agency, be aware of its reputation as well as the inclusions and exclusions. Make sure to read and research the reviews of the facilities as well as the experiences that travelers have written about the agencies. Nepal Trekking Planner has been active in trekking and tourism for the past two decades, making it one of the best trekking agencies in Nepal. Our owner, Mr. Dipak, has been in the business for 35 years, so he knows what's best for you.

It is a general and intuitive feeling that the travel agencies that help you with your stay in Nepal are costly. You might have planned to travel independently due to this thinking. And it was true when there were only a handful of travel agencies in Nepal. However, with the hordes of travel agencies in the market, the prices have drastically dropped, and you can always opt to go for the reasonable ones. Reasonable doesn’t mean cheap, as they want to get their clients the best service they can offer. Also, don’t go for the cheapest ones because it might lead to an unpleasant experience.

Have patience and flexibility when it comes to timing.

The time here in Nepal can astonish you, and it won’t be a clockwork schedule like in your home country. Nepalese people have a poor sense of understanding the concept of time, so please have patience when trekking. Depending on several factors, the 2-hour route could take 4 hours. For locals, the time it takes to climb the hill you are taking will surely be a lot less than yours. Always add another one or two hours to reach the destination if the locals tell you the time to reach there. Never try to keep up with them because they are much stronger and have great stamina. Also, the weather in the Himalayas is unpredictable, which makes the time to reach your destination unpredictable.

Never feel alone in Nepal. Stay like a Nepali.

It might be true when you are traveling to other countries for the first time, but things are quite different in Nepal. Here, you will get to make lots of Dai (elder brother), Didi (elder sister), Bahini (younger sister), and Bhai (younger brother). Just call one of these strangers if you feel like asking for anything. You can say this to anyone you meet on the road. Nepalese are friendly and great hosts. If your host is very old, you can say Baje (grandfather) and Bajai (grandmother). Also, you can say Buwa (father) and Aama (mother) while greeting, along with Namaste. Anybody you meet on the road is your relative, and they too will treat you like one if you just open up and greet them. Congratulations! You now have family in Nepal.

Considering all these expectations and the realities, you now know what trekking in Nepal truly can offer you. Have a safe and enjoyable trek.

Nepal Trekking Planner

Nepal Trekking Planner