Butterfly watching in Nepal 9 Days

"Nepal as Butterfly Hub."
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    Trip Introducing : Butterfly Watching In Nepal.

    Nepal is a small landlocked country in the Himalayas. Nepal is generally known as a biodiversity hotspot, with a diverse range of butterfly and other various species. The diversified topography and climatic conditions of a country offer a diversity of habitats that supports a wide range of butterfly species.

    Butterflies have been a part of natural history of Nepal for millenniums. Several species play vital roles in the cultural and religious traditions. In addition to their cultural importance, butterflies have also been the subject of scientific study in Nepal for many years. In the mid-nineteenth century, British naturalist Brian Houghton Hodgson undertook the first recorded scientific study of butterflies in Nepal.

    Nepal is an important place for butterfly variety and conservation because of its location on several butterfly species' migratory routes. Throughout their annual journeys, numerous migratory species of butterflies pass through Nepal throughout their annual journeys, using the country as a stopover and breeding place. The warm, subtropical lowlands of Nepal are extremely significant for migrating species such as the painted lady (Vanessa cardui), common jezebel (Delias eucharis), and common crow (Euploea core).

    According to official records, Nepal is now home to more than 600 different species of butterflies an estimation of 3.72 % of the world’s butterfly species.
    Around 10% of the butterflies in Nepal are Palaearctic species found above 3,000 m, while approximately 90% are Oriental species found in Swayambhu, the base of the hills and forest streams at Godavari, Nagarjun, Budhanilkantha, and Sundarijal.

    Butterfly Watching in Nepal.

    Nepal is a popular destination for butterfly watching. The country's diverse range of ecosystems, from lowland tropical woods to high altitude alpine meadows, gives excellent habitats for a significant number of butterfly species. Nepal is home of about 650 butterfly species, making it a popular destination for butterfly enthusiasts.

    Popular butterfly species in Nepal include the Kaiser-i-Hind, Bhutan Glory, Golden Kaiser, Blue Apollo, and Common Peacock. In addition to this, Nepal is home to a variety of rare and endangered butterfly species, making it an ideal destination for eco-conscious travelers.

    Nepal is an attractive location for butterfly enthusiasts due to its broad range of habitats and high number of butterfly species. Visitors will have a fantastic butterfly watching experience whether they explore the Terai grasslands and wetlands, the Himalayan alpine meadows and forests, or any of the other diverse habitats found in Nepal.

    Best Butterfly watching Location in Nepal.

    Nepal is a great destination for butterfly watching, with a wide range of locations that offer visitors the chance to see a diverse array of butterfly species. Here are some of the best butterfly-watching destinations in Nepal:

    • Chitwan National Park: As mentioned earlier, Chitwan National Park is one of the best places for butterfly watching in Nepal, with over 600 species of butterflies recorded in the park. The park's mixture of diverse habitats, including grasslands, forests, and wetlands, provides ideal conditions for a wide variety of butterfly species. The park is home to over 600 species of butterflies, including some rare and endangered species such as the Kaiser-i-Hind, the Bhutan Glory, and the Common Peacock.
    • Shivapuri Nagarjun National Park: This national park is located near Kathmandu and is known for its mix of habitats, including forests, grasslands, and wetlands. You may spot butterfly species such as the Blue Apollo, the Golden Kaiser, and the Himalayan Fritillary.
    • Phulchowki Hill: Phulchowki Hill is a high-altitude woodland found near Kathmandu. Several number of butterfly species live on the hill, including the Black-Veined White, Orange Oakleaf, and Himalayan Oakblue.
    • Koshi Tappu Wildlife Reserve: Situated in Nepal's east, Koshi Tappu Wildlife Reserve is noted for its grasslands and ponds, which provide habitat for a variety of butterfly species. Species such as the Common Jezebel, the Great Eggfly, and the Common Indian Crow can be seen by visitors to the reserve.
    • Langtang National Park: Langtang National Park, located in the Himalayas, is noted for its alpine meadows and woodlands, which provide a home for high-altitude butterfly species. Visitors to the park may see Common Brimstone, Himalayan Fritillary, and White-edged Blue butterflies.
    • Bardia National Park: Situated in western Nepal, Bardia National Park is recognized for its diverse habitats, which include grasslands, forests, and wetlands. A number of butterfly species, including the lime butterfly, common tiger, and blue pansy, can be seen in the park.

    Resources essential for Butterfly Watching.

    Butterfly watching, also known as butterfly spotting or butterfly observing, is a great way to appreciate nature while learning about these fascinating insects. The following are some essential items, Trekking Planner Nepal suggest for butterfly watching:

    • Binoculars: A pair of binoculars is the most crucial instrument for butterfly watching. You may get a better look at the butterflies without disturbing them. You can also look for binoculars with at least an 8x magnification and an objective lens diameter of 25mm or greater.
    • Camera: A camera might be beneficial for photographing the butterflies you see. Always pursue for a camera with a zoom lens capable of capturing high-quality photographs of butterflies.
    • Clothing and footwear: You should always wear weather-appropriate, comfortable, lightweight clothing. You are also suggested to wear dull-colored clothes to avoid distracting animals.
    • Insect repellent: While butterfly watching, insect repellent can help keep mosquitoes, ticks, and other insects away.
    • Sunscreen and a hat: Use sunscreen and a hat to protect your skin from the sun's damaging rays.
    • Notebook and pen: This is also an important tool for data collection and analysis in a variety of professions. When you miss the opportunity to shoot it, either sketches or note the external factors of the butterfly you noticed. Such information is useful not only for classifying butterflies, but also for providing a wealth of information on other activities.
    • Local guide: They are optional still better to take local guide.

    Some rules and regulations while Butterfly Watching.

    Butterfly watching, also known as butterfly observing or butterfly photography, is a popular outdoor practice in Nepal. Butterfly watching is a rewarding and delightful experience however it has some important guidelines and regulations to insure that you do not disturb the butterflies' natural environment or hurt them in any way. These are some rules, Trekking Planner Nepal strongly advices you to follow while butterfly watching in Nepal:

    • Do not touch or catch butterflies: Butterflies are delicate creatures whose wings might be damaged even with a light touch. In Nepal, it is prohibited to catch or gather butterflies, and violators face penalties and jail.
    • Remain on approved routes: When butterfly watching, you are always suggested to stay on official paths and trails to prevent stepping on vegetation and disturbing the butterflies' natural habitat.
    • Do not use nets or traps: It is legally banned in Nepal to use nets or traps to catch butterflies. These techniques can harm the wings of butterflies and trap other insects and animals too.
    • Avoid using flash photography: Flash photography might shock butterflies and cause them to escape. Flash photography should also be avoided in protected regions, as it might disrupt the natural habitat of butterflies and other wildlife.
    • Respect local customs and traditions: While butterfly watching in Nepal, be conscious of local customs and traditions. For example walking on prayer flags, for example, is considered disrespectful, as is disturbing religious or cultural items.
    • Do not litter: Place any garbage in appropriate bins or take it with you when you leave the area. Littering can harm the ecosystem as well as the butterflies that live there.
    • Do not bother other people: While butterfly watching in Nepal, be respectful to other visitors of other guests. You also need to avoid making loud noises or engaging in behavior that may disturb the calm and quiet environment of the neighborhood.

    You may have a safe and pleasurable butterfly watching experience in Nepal while also respecting the natural environment and the animals that inhabits it if you follow these instructions.

    Important Notes:

    •  This trip can be fully customized. If you want to personalize the tour, please feel free to contact us.
    •  This tour is available on both Fixed Departure as well as a Private Group Basis.
    •  If you are traveling solo, privately, or with family, you can book this trip without any hesitation.
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    Outline Itinerary.
    Day 1: Arrival in Kathmandu.
    Day 2: Drive/ Flight to Chitwan National Park.
    Day 3: Full day butterfly watching at Chitwan National Park.
    Day 4: Full day butterfly watching at Chitwan National Park.
    Day 5: Drive to Pokhara.
    Day 6: Full day butterfly watching at Pokhara.
    Day 7: Return to Kathmandu.
    Day 8: Sightseeing at Shivapuri National Park.
    Day 9: Departure from Nepal.



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      A representative of Nepal Trekking Planner will meet you at the Tribhuwan International Airport in Kathmandu and accompany you to the hotel.  Following a quick rest at your accommodation, get some briefing about your further journey and this wonderful country. We will go through all of the gear for the trip. If anything is not suitable, we can offer, rent, or assist in the purchase of it. You are welcome to ask any questions about your vacation. Spend the night in Kathmandu.
      Accommodation in Kathmandu in 3 star hotel and normal meals are included (welcome Dinner).

        As the day begins we pack up some breakfast for you and after being collected by an senior representative of trekking planner Nepal agency. We take you towards Chitwan national park there are two options while going towards Chitwan national park either we take a flight or do a drive by towards Chitwan national park. After reaching the hotel we check in at the hotel and roam around the local area near the hotel.
        Night stay at the hotel food and accommodation included.

          After having early breakfast in the morning we go towards the national park with the guide as we enter towards the jungle. the guide would be taking us towards the places where we will be beginning the journey of butterfly watching after spending some time in the jungle we can even incuude jungle safari. After finishing the day time we go  towards tharu village at the evening where we will be observing tharu dances and having tharu dinner at night.
          Note tharu are the local tribes around Chitwan National Park.
          Night stay at the hotel food and accommodation included.

            Early breakfast in the morning and then strolling inside the park spending the rest of day watching and searching for the exotic butterflies like Bhutan Glory (Bhutanitis ludlowi),White Dragontail (Lamproptera curius),White-banded Flat (Belenois aurota),Lesser Gull (Cepora nadina),Indian Fritillary (Argynnis hyperbius),Dark Blue Tiger (Tirumala septentrionis),Red-base Jezebel (Delias descombesi),Rusty-tipped Page (Siproeta epaphus),Five-bar Swordtail (Pathysa nomius). After spending the day return back to the hotel spend the night at Chitwan
            Night stay at the hotel food and accommodation included.

              wake up early in the morning and then drive or fly towards Pokhara. After reaching Pokhara check in at the hotel and roam around the lake side take some rest at the hotel for the night and even open to roaming the night city at the night.
              Night stay at the hotel food and accommodation included.

                After waking up early in the morning and having breakfast going and heading for butterfly watching with the guide spending the rest of day strolling and watching butterflies come back towards the hotel take some rest and get ready to explore the night life and foods of Pokhara.

                  Wake up in the morning have some breakfast pack the stuffs and get ready for coming back to Kathmandu and we have an option of flying or driving back towards Kathmandu. After reaching upon Kathmandu a senior represrntetive from trekking planner Nepal would be there to recive e you and check you in at the hotel spen then night at Kathmandu
                  Night stay at Kathmandu food and accommodation included

                    Wake up in the morning and after breakfast you would be picked up by our senior representative and drive towards shivapuri national park check in the passports. After getting the entry permit starting the strolling journey around the park slowly to observe the ways of butterflies along the trail. Upon completion of trek drive back towards the hotel and dinner at hotel with farewell dinner.
                    Night stay at the hotel food and accommodation included.

                      Your last day at Nepal after knowing about the flight time we woud come to the hotel to check you our and bid you farewell in trekking planner Nepal style and drop you towards the airport and bid you farewell.

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